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The cobas modular platform is designed to reduce the complexity of laboratory operation and provides efficient and compatible solutions for network cooperation.

XS 800i - Advantages

As the heart of the cobas e 411 analyzer, ECL technology delivers the unique combination of nine minute STAT applications, high analytical sensitivity and wide measuring ranges for unparalleled performance in immunochemistry.

Reduces the amount of tests rerun due to out of range results.
Estradiol range of 5 - 4,300 pg/mL
Progesterone range of 0 - 60 ng/mL
Total-PSA range of 0 - 100 ng/mL

Enables the use of innovative tests and requires less sample volume.
Troponin T 4th gen. with < 10% CV at 95th population percentile hCG+ and TSH requires 10 and 50µl sample volume, respectively

Deliver unmatched turnaround time for emergency samples.
hCG+β, Troponin T 4th Gen., CK-MB, Myoglobin, PTH*.

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