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Shrey Pathology Lab Cobas Integra® 400 Plus Analyzer

More than 140 applications for all types of sample matrices are measured with one of four different measuring technologies - absorbance photometry, turbidimetry, fluorescence polarisation and ion selective potentionmetry.

The Cobas Integra 400 plus system has up to 36 different on-board assays. For quick access to additional tests, cobas c packs can be exchanged while the system is running. off-board storage of pre - calibrated cobas c packs allows full flexibility.

The broad menu includes clinical chemistry, specific proteins, therapeutic drug monitoring, drug of abuse testing and much more.

on - board storage of 32 cobas c packs at 12°C ensures reagent stability up to 3 months.

For high volume tests, multiple cobas c packs of the same assay can be on-board for automatic switch-over during run

Sophisticated software. On-screen inventory management tracks reagents available on board and forecasts if additional reagent packs required, based on daily workload statistics. The intelligent processing on Cobas Integra 400 plus automatically schedules each sample's tests to minimize analyzer turnaround time and increase throughput, while allowing immediate Stat testing 24 hours a day

Quality control programs monitor precision and accurancy to ensure reliable results. Validated sample results are continuously transmitted to the LIS via the host query communication mode, guaranteeing fast result availability.

The software automatically tracks services needs and alerts the user when maintenance is dua. Activities are recorded in the electronic log to support compliance with Good Laboratory Practice and Accreditation.

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